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Our wholesale pricing varies per order size:

Each product comes individually wrapped with tissue paper and sealed with a Luvabel sticker.

Eye pillow wholesale pricing:

  • Orders of 15 to 59 eye pillows: CAD 17 / Eye Pillow.
  • Orders of 60 to 99 eye pillows: CAD 15 / Eye Pillow.
  • Orders of 100 plus eye pillows: CAD 14 / Eye Pillow.

Neck wrap wholesale pricing:

  • Orders of 10 to 15 neck wraps: CAD 35 / Eye Pillow.
  • Orders of 16 to 25 neck wraps: CAD 32 / Eye Pillow.
  • Orders of  26+ plus neck wrap: CAD 30 / Eye Pillow.

Taxes will be added to your order total.

We offer FREE local delivery to Brampton, Mississauga, Milton, and Oakville areas. Please contact us below to confirm the shipping fee to all other areas.


Contact us below for more information on shipping, delivery & order placement.

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